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BigIron modèle 3D

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34,442 Des polygones
21,747 Sommets
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ID du produit: 220619
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Depuis 2001

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A collection of retro computers I've affectionately titled BigIron. The design for the objects was based on early space age computers. The models are very efficient but can hold up to a fairly close render. Their strength, however, is for medium shots where they can help to visualize a room full of old computers. Since they are efficient you can clone them without bringing down your system. Also, did I mention that all of the lights, meters, and dials animate? Yes, it's true. Even the video screens animate. I have also setup max lights to illuminate parts of the mesh in time with the animations.

The file contains three main computers that can be cloned to make any number of machines. You can also take this stuff apart if you just want the dials, levers, and stuff. Everything is clean. The items are not meant for closeups but they are clean and well-built so you can do closeups with very little work. The textures were made to simulate actual labels. They work great unless you get too close and realize they are just nonsense. I've gone through the textures and removed great chunks of offensive material. Since the labels weren't meant to be viewed close enough to read I took the opportunity to amuse myself with gratuitous vulgarity. These textures have been cleaned, however, to avoid having to designate the model as Mature Content. Sorry, I know that isn't as much fun but I invite you to personalize the textures however you see fit.

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