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Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
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identificación de producto:212614
Profundidad del color:24 bit
Canal alfa:No
Capas múltiples:No
TurboSquid Miembro desde May 2002
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Apr 8, 2010
Aug 10, 2010
May 9, 2014
This image is one of many that I have taken in or before 2002 as part of hopefully many year collections that I will be releasing. If you like this image you may be interested in purchasing the Jeff Thomann 2002 Master Collection, which is a master set of all images that I am releasing that were created in the year 2002 or before. I currently don''t have the Master Collection on Turbosquid because I keep getting errors when I try to upload as it is over a gig. Subsets of that collection are available though.

This is a photo of some clouds that I took in one of several walks around my old neighborhood with a Digital Camera. It's a part of the Cloud Collection, which is a part of the Texture Collection, a Subset of the 2002 Master Collection. That Master Collection is not currently available at Turbosquid because it is too large to upload. However, subsets of that Collection, such as the Brick Collection are available or will be available shortly at Turbosquid so you can buy individual images or buy one of the collections. I have left the images in their original format, which came straight out of the camera, so that you won't loose any metadata or image details, which can sometimes happen with digital edits, and also so that you will have an idea of the type of environment that the source image is coming from. This may have resulted in some minor imperfections in the images such as having shadows of the photographer in corners, etc. These imperfections can easily be cropped out in Photoshop, or other digital editing software. I left these imperfections because I know how frustrating that it can be needing just a few more pixels on one side or the other of an image that you are making into a tileable, and not having a source image to go back to to get that information. If you would like me to create more images like these,for a special project that you have in mind, or just for general purpose stock photographs, please email me at thomann_jeff@hotmail.com, and I'd be happy to discuss your idea(s) with you.

Olympus Camedia D360L Digital Camera
Bit Depth: 24
Color Representation: sRGB
Metering Mode: Pattern

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