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GameReady Cottage Collection 1 modelo 3d

Licencia modelo 3D: Estándar    Licencia de actualización
Nov 12, 2019
CheckMate Pro Certificado
StemCell Certified
Certificado Omniverso
Blender 2.80  |  Cycles Render
3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray 3.50
Unity 2018
Cinema 4D R16  |  Default Scanline
Cinema 4D R18  |  Advanced Render
Cinema 4D R18  |  Arnold
Unity 5.4
Unreal 4.10
3ds Max 2018  |  Arnold
3ds Max 2015  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
Maya 2017  |  Arnold
Maya 2015  |  mental ray
Maya 2015  |  V-Ray 3.2
USD  |  Omniverse
USDz 1.0
FBX Metallic v
FBX Specular v
glTF 2.0
3D Modelo Presupuesto
25,118 Poligonos
35,708 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometría
Mapeado UV
non-overlapping UV sin envolver
identificación de producto: 1466505
285 Productos
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Hello, my dear Customer!
I am happy to present you GameReady PBR Cottage Collection #1.
Ready for game-development, render and animation.
That model pack will definitely save your time just a lot!

- Cottages amount: 10.
- Units used: Meters
- Native file format: Blender 2.80
- Converted file formats: 3ds Max 2017, Cinema 4D R16, UnityPackage, .FBX, .OBJ.

---------------------------- USAGE: --------------------------------

- This model pack is suitable for use in mobile/PC game-development, VR/AR applications, advertising, design visualization, forensic presentation, etc.

-------------------- COLLECTION INCLUDES: ---------------------

Collection includes 10 full game-ready lowpoly houses.
You can find and look the details of any of that models by copypasting the ID number into Search line.

Individual Product IDs:

You save 250$ (33%) by purchasing that bundle!

--------------------------- MATERIALS:--------------------------

- Each House Model use 1 material.
- Material type: PBR (metallic/rough workflow)
- Blender 2.80 version use Cycles materials type (Principled shader)
- 3ds Max 2017 version use VRayMtl materials type.
- Cinema 4D R16 version use Default Scanline materials type.
- Unity 2018 version use Standart Metallic materials type.

---------------------- TEXTURES and UV: ---------------------

All the models are completely UV-unwrapped. You can see all the textures and UV maps on the preview images.
Textures of cottages and dirt are made separately!

Textures of cottages:
- Base_Color.png (4096x4096px)
- Normal.png (4096x4096px)
- Metallic.png (4096x4096px)
- Roughness.png (4096x4096px)
- Height.png (4096x4096px)
- Emission.png (4096x4096px)
- AO.png (4096x4096px)
- Opacity.png (4096x4096px)
- MetallicSmoothness.png (4096x4096px)

Textures of dirt:
- Dirt_Base_Color.png (4096x4096px)   
- Dirt_Roughness.png (4096x4096px)
- Dirt_Metallic.png (4096x4096px)
- Dirt_Height.png (4096x4096px)

- Textures archive includes 3 pack of textures: clean cottages, dirt cottages and separately dirt textures
- You can overlay textures of dirt or leave the cottage clean (see preview images).
- MetallicSmoothness map was made for Unity Standart Metallic shader.

TOTAL: 160 textures in archive (see preview images).

------------------------ DESCRIPTION: --------------------------

- There are 3D models of gameready Houses only!
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied (Converted formats .MAX, .C4D, .Unitypackage as well, take a look at preview images).
- PBR materials (metallic/roughness workflow) - see preview images.
- Ability to enable/disable dirt.
- LowPoly model, that is perfect for even mobile game-dev.
- No Ngons used, just Quads and Tris.
- Clear topology with no any artefacts, holes, overlapping polygons and so on.
- All materials and textures are intelligently named.
- No cleaning up necessary, just drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.
- Formats .MAX, .C4D, .OBJ, .FBX, Unitypackage are included.
- Real world scale 1:1.
- Units of measurement are meters.

-------------------------------- NOTES: ----------------------------------

- The 'other' format on product page is .MTL format for .obj model.

Click on 'Gerhald3D' to the right side of the screen to see our other models. If you like it - rate it. Its very important for us :)

Best Regards!
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