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Zombie Big Monster modelo 3d

3ds Max 2017  |  Other Art Render
3ds Max 2013  |  Default Scanline 2013
Other textures
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FBX 2013
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Qualitative 3d model of Zombie Tank that can be used in Animation/Films/Games.

Package contains:

1.   3dsmax -----------------------------------------------------

- Rigged&Skinned Chracter in 3dsmax

- Rig done with biped

- 3dsmax2017 scene with Art render Setup with PBR textures

- 3dsmax 2013 scene with character rigged with default shaders and 3 additional LODS ( usefull for Games)

-Ground Island the character stand on, only for presentation reasons and is separate object that can be removed if you don't need it.

- LOD (Level of detail meshes)
LOD0(original) -- 20110 polys
LOD1 -- 12409 polys
LOD2 -- 6894 polys
LOD3 -- 2944 polys

2. Unity Package------------------------------------------

Characters Rig is calibrated to work as Humanoid Rig within Unity Engine.

4K Textures are calibrated to work with Unity PBR shader

Package contains:
- Character with bones in FBX format
- HDR Skybox with 2 HDR textures
- Unity scene with Character (screenshots)
- 1 Unity Material with applied PBR Textures
- 3dsmax Scene with character and biped (with Unity setup)

3.   PBR Marmoset (package)------------------------------------------

- PBR textures in high detail:
Character 4096x4096px in TGA format
Ground Island 4096x4096px in TGA format

- Texture Types:
Subdermal for SSS

Info: If you use specular/gloss workflow you can easily convert the textures to specular and glossiness
in photoshop using the guideline in the package( see pbr_conversion info file)

4.   FBX -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Character with bones and skinning in 2013 FBX format
with LODS included

If you like you can click on my name to see all my characters.

Have fun..
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