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lobo modelo 3d

Softimage 7.5  |  mental ray
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This is photorealistic model of a wolf ( canis lupus) for Softimage 7.5 and up. Fully textured, with hair, rigged and animated. Materials are setup and ready for rendering with Mental Ray. Texture maps for diffuse and specular also included. Please watch downloadable preview files to see more.

Scene file comes with whole Softimage project - just unzip it and use.

Model is skinned and fully rigged for realistic animation. Rig has intuitive and animator friendly controls. Any control can be translated like on top of IK or anything to get pose you want. It gives more freedom while animating and less stiffness in motion.

Hair of this creature is divided in several groups - like legs, head, neck etc... for easy restyling and creating new members of wolf family.

Animation consist of two layers - base run cycle(looped) and additional movements on top of it.

Originally model was created for crowd shots and middle plans, but it is pretty detailed for closeups.
Crowd shots with more than 50 wolfs have been rendered well on average workstation.

Contact me if you have any questions
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