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CVN76 Portaaviones Cutaway modelo 3d

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:760262
Geometría:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde June 2003
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Some years back, I produced a highly detailed model of the USS Reagan for the Virginia Air and Space Center and Popular Mechanics Magazine. The ship itself, was undergoing its 'Tiger Cruise' and the cutaway was reviewed by senior ship's staff. The image was printed in Popular Mechanics and a 21 foot long version is on display at The Virginia Air and Space Center. The model here, is the model used to produce that cutaway work.
It is a highly detailed model of the exterior and interior of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier from plans.

This model contains 3 parts and each is quite large:

* There is a complete 'skinned' model similar to the other aircraft carriers you'll find here at Turbosquid and identical to my original model post - Product ID 240552 . One of the first, high resolution models of the Aircraft Carrier, CVN-76, the U.S.S. Reagan.

* Additionally, you get a cutaway and interior deck structure of the superstructure (The Island Tower) above the Flight Deck.

* The third model you get is the cutaway and interior deck structures of the various decks below the Flight Deck.

The deck structure is continuous throughout the ship (see previews) and is correct from Nimitz Class plans. The areas visible in the original cutaway are populated with models consistent with that compartment's use. The reactor rooms and engine area are, of course Top Secret and the models supplied there, are based on a similar generic, Westinghouse design. It's a 'best guess' in those areas.


- High resolution models of the carrier externals, and internal deck structures - everything you see except the full aircraft complement
- A stowed and ready version of the F18 for populating the deck and hangar are included. The deck crane and some handling equipment is also included.
- The fit-out in the areas shown in the previews of the cutaway are also included.

The models consist of about 60 layers of models representing various decks and important areas as well as parts that may be useful on their own layer. In the OBJ model, these are 'parts.'

All the models were produced for very high resolution display and the model is very detailed as you can see from the previews. The model was originally created in Lightwave as 'quads' but is a mix of quads and trigons in this version and the OBJ version has been tripled.

All 3 models are full size and will load in 'position' so you can cut and paste decks from one version directly into another. This allows you to add full internal tower decks to the existing external carrier model. The deck and compartmentalization is 'in' but you will have to cut hatchways into the floorplans to do a walkthrough.
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