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Robot Ninja modelo 3d

Blender 2.8  |  Cycles Render 2.8
blender pbr textures
unity pbr textures
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3D Modelo Presupuesto
67,042 Poligonos
58,100 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometría
Mapeado UV
Mixed UV sin envolver
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This is Qualitative 3d model of special Ninja Robot that can be used in Animation/Films/Games.

Package contains Character in Midpoly and Lowpoly Resolution high-res textured for PBR rendering.

UNITY 5 Package and Unreal Migrate included!

Still pictures showing the midpoly version.
Turnables showing the lowpoly version.
Preview video shows character in Unreal Engine

--------------LOWPOLY Version (Description)--------

This Resolution is preferably for using In-game
67.135 Polys
107.995 Tris
58.188 Verts

Rigged and exported Unity(Package included)

--------------MIDPOLY Version (Description)--------

This Resolution is preferably to use for keyart and rendering
Textures partly nodebased partly bitmap textures
Without Subdivision Modifiers:

362.876 Polys
634.290 Tris
320.935 Verts

not rigged in A-pose


Robot Unity Project contains:
- The scene with HDR setup
- 'Lowpoly' Version Character
- Calibrated Textures for Unity PBR Standard material
- Metallness-Smoothness Workflow
- Material and Textures applied
- Rig is prepared for Unity to work with Humanoid and Generic Animation Systems

----------------------------Unreal ---------------------------------

- Migrate files to easy import into Unreal Engine
- Mannequin skeleton and Mannequin size
- Character can use mannequin animations
- Unreal Cloth setup ( Cloth behaves naturally with animations)
- textures calibrated and included in migrate files
-swords are exported separately and can be added or removed

Please see preview video that shows character with basic
mannequin animations in unreal test scene.


Unity 5 FBX - Exported Lowpoly Character for Unity Humanoid Rig

Blender File with Mid and Lowpoly resolution Character.
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