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Pack de edificios de Zwesh con interiores texturizados. modelo 3d

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:952017
Geometría:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Yes, overlapping
TurboSquid Miembro desde March 2012
Actualmente vende 1110 productos
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A set of nine fully featured modernist apartment buildings complete with interiors.

Modeled for maximum interactivity, all doors are modeled down to the hinges and can be opened at any angle, the elevator doors are sliding doors and has the same functionalty range as the normal doors.
Dialog between all interior rooms and floors works flawlessly as well as dialog between the interior and the exterior.

-Mesh objects:
All the models in this pack follows the same namespace and mesh object structure and is as follows:
Designed for your convenience each floor has its own set of mesh objects named as follows:


*No balcony for the first floor lobby.

In addition to these mesh objects are the unique objects which are as follows:


Main previews were rendered using the Cycles rendering engine, Wireframes taken directly from Blender viewport.

All models in this pack use the same texture map provided at a size of 4096x4096pixels in the .png format.
Additionally there is a extra texture map provided so you can chose if you wish to have a blank elevator panel or a illustrated one. Pictures of both texture maps can be found at the end of the
preview image list.

The models are modeled in real world scale down to each individual mesh object to ensure accuracy.

The origin point, rotation and position of the models are all at 0,0,0 with the scale of the models being 1,1,1.

The models are made using Blender.

Not a blender user?
No need to worry this product contains no procedural or blender specific content that would impede your workflow in your software of choice. The only information lost by using a secondary format is the material node setup.

-Individual product pages:
If you wish to browse these models individually rather then in a pack feel free to enter 'Zwesh' into the main search bar.

-Individual model statistics:

Zwesh Tower one:
Polygons: 745,576
Vertices: 773,837
Amount of mesh objects: 65
Size(width, height, depth): 16.2x33.83x26 meter / 53.15x110.99x85.3 feet

Zwesh Pavilion one:
Polygons: 934,904
Vertices: 954,292
Amount of mesh objects: 35
Size(width, height, depth): 65x17.75x24.8 meter / 213.25x58.23x81.36 feet

Zwesh Tower two:
Polygons: 458,692
Vertices: 507,764
Amount of mesh objects: 41
Size(width, height, depth): 24.6x21.03x24.8 meter / 80.71x69x81.36 feet

Zwesh Tower three:
Polygons: 806,475
Vertices: 889,610
Amount of mesh objects: 89
Size(width, height, depth): 27.2x46.83x27.2 meter / 89.24x153.64x89.24 feet

Zwesh Tower four:
Polygons: 401,930
Vertices: 433,100
Amount of mesh objects: 47
Size(width, height, depth): 45.6x24.43x21.6 meter / 149.61x80.15x70.87 feet

Zwesh Tower five:
Polygons: 355,502
Vertices: 409,283
Amount of mesh objects: 64
Size(width, height, depth): 30.2x33.83x14.85 meter / 99.08x110.99x48.72 feet

Zwesh Tower six:
Polygons: 190,664
Vertices: 235,534
Amount of mesh objects: 52
Size(width, height, depth): 17.8x27.73x15.9 meter / 58.4x90.98x52.17 feet

Zwesh Tower seven:
Polygons: 191,094
Vertices: 207,188
Amount of mesh objects: 53
Size(width, height, depth): 14.42x27.63x25.95 meter / 47.31x90.65x85.14 feet

Zwesh Tower eight:
Polygons: 380,942
Vertices: 413,085
Amount of mesh objects: 53
Size(width, height, depth): 12.42x27.63x51.9 meter / 40.75x90.65x170.28 feet

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