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Piso sueco modelo 3d

Licencia modelo 3D: Estándar    Licencia de actualización
3ds Max 2017  |  Corona 6
3ds Max 2017  |  V-Ray 5
3D Modelo Presupuesto
6,058,059 Poligonos
4,000,143 Vértices
Polygonal Ngons used Geometría
Mapeado UV
Mixed UV sin envolver
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Full 3D scene of a traditional Scandinavian apartment


- Detailed 3d scene of a vintage Nordic apartment.
- 3ds Max 2013 and upward.
- Modeled to real-world scale (cm), allowing you to use all the assets in your own scenes.
- Separate V-Ray (3) and Corona (1.6) versions available.
- Full 3D exterior for maximum realism.
- Dozens of highly realistic assets, most of which aren't yet available for separate purchase (chairs, sofa, plants, full kitchen, ornaments, flowers, books, magazines, bed, cloths, candles, food, scanned stool, lighting, etc.)
- Ultra-realistic shaders for V-Ray and Corona
- Set up to render fast (under one hour per image on Threadripper workstation with 128GB of RAM)
- IES light in kitchen and hallway can be activated for different looks.
- More than 1.7GB of scene and assets in three separate archives.
- Full commercial rights: Use the scene for your commercial renders.

- Your purchase includes two versions of the same scene for rendering in V-Ray 5 and Corona 6 and all required assets for each version.
- The scene was saved backward to 3ds Max 2017. It should work in all versions above that.
- In the material editor, you will find two versions of the same HDR map used to illuminate the scene. One is designed to illuminate the scene when rendering living room and bedroom views. The other for rendering kitchen and hallways views. If you render the kitchen and hallway views with the wrong map in the environment slot (Corona) or Domelight (VRay), your render may be too dark.
- The exposure in the Corona version was adjusted upwards from +2 to +4 to render the kitchen and hallway previews. You may need to adjust the exposure for these views.
- The spotlights in the hallway and in the kitchen are equipped with IES lights. However these are deactivated and were not used for the test renders. You can activate them for a different illumination, but you may have to remap the directory path for the IES lights as 3ds Max cannot strip paths from IES lights.
- This is a big scene. Make sure your computer has enough resources to render them. 3DS Max taks about 15GB to render the scene. The preview renders were done in a computer with 32GB of RAM, which should be considered the minimum.
- The polygon count is for non-subdivided objects. All Turbosmooth modifiers are set up to activate only at render time, meaning the scene will be a lot heavier when rendering.
- The scene was originally modeled in V-Ray and automatically converted to Corona. However, many of the shaders were modified manually to ensure a realistic and similar output in both renderers.
- You may notice that the renders come out quite dark. The slight underexposure is intentional in order to speed up the render an
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