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Lanzadores de granadas rusas modelo 3d

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identificación de producto:970152
Geometría:Polygonal Ngons used
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde February 2014
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Russian Grenade Launchers.

The RG-6 (GRAU designation 6G30) is a Russian 40 mm semi-automatic, 6-shot grenade launcher developed between 1993 and 1994 by TSKIB SOO.
The RG-6 was required to increase the firepower of the infantry during urban combat, seen in small-scale conflicts, such as the Chechen wars. The RG-6 entered limited production by the mid-1990s and is now in use by various elements of Russian Army and special forces such as those in the MVD.

Textures: diffuse, specular, glossiness, normal
Grenade launcher:.TGA 4096x4096
Grenade VOG-25:.TGA 1024x1024
Polygons: 5,393
Vertices:        6,632

The DP-64 Nepryadva is a Russian special-purpose double-barreled over/under grenade launcher designed to protect ships, dockyards, water development works, and other coastal installations from combat swimmers and naval special forces. The weapon is breech-loading and operates much like a large shotgun with a side-break breach, utilizing both direct and indirect iron sights. The weapon is capable of firing grenades indirectly at ranges up to 400 meters; however, these grenades act much like small depth charges, attacking submerged swimmers like true depth charges attack submersibles.

Textures: diffuse, specular, glossiness, normal
Format: .TGA 4096x4096
Polygons: 4,587
Vertices:        5,754

RGS-33 Special Grenade Launcher.
The grenade launcher is used by police and special army divisions.
Caliber: 33 mm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Effective range: 25 m

Textures: diffuse, specular, glossiness, normal
Format: .TGA 2048x2048
Polygons: 1,873
Vertices:        2,268

TKB-0249 'Crossbow' - a Russian manual 'sniper' grenade launcher.
Caliber: 30 mm
Maximum range: 1700 m
Sighting range: 1000 m

Textures: diffuse, specular, glossiness, normal
Format: .TGA 4096x4096
Polygons: 2,946
Vertices:        3,565
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