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Colección de peces aparejados 5 modelo 3d

3ds Max 2014  |  V-Ray 3.6
3ds Max 2014  |  Default Scanline
3D Modelo Presupuesto
1 Poligonos
1 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometría
Mapeado UV
non-overlapping UV sin envolver
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Rigged Fishes Collection 5 with whale shark; stingray; manta; dolphin; octopus; killer whale; blue spotted stingray; river stingray; spotted stingray; great white shark; blue marlin; barracuda; murena; eagle ray; and pike fish.
Wildlife animals of aquatic areas of the Earth globe.
The inhabitants of the seas, fresh water animals, oceans fauna, and rivers fauna.
For aquatic fauna, wildlife, underwater animals, sea fauna, sea animals, seafood, industrial marine science, marine fauna, oceanology, fresh water fishing, ocean fauna, ocean fishing, aquarium fishes, and computer games projects design.

Rigged Fishes Collection 5 is a versatile set of 18 high quality, photo real 3d models that will enhance detail and realism to any of your rendering projects. The model has a fully textured, detailed design that allows for close-up renders, and was originally modeled in 3ds Max 2014 and rendered with V-Ray. Renders have no postprocessing.
Hope you like it!

Models list:
1 Pike Fish Rigged
2 Killer Whale Rigged
3 Octopus Vulgaris Rigged
4 Atlantic Salmon Fish Rigged
5 Murena Rigged
6 Barracuda Fish Rigged
7 Manta Ray Rigged
8 Stingray Rigged
9 Blue Marlin Rigged
10 River Stingray Rigged
11 Eagle Ray Rigged
12 Spotted Stingray Rigged
13 Blue Spotted Stingray Rigged
14 Tuna Fish Rigged
15 Whale Shark Rigged
16 Dolphin Rigged
17 Herring Fish Rigged
18 Great White Shark Rigged

Fishes fully rigged with bones and skin system in 3D Studio Max.
You can easily position it the way you need or animate it the way your project requires using helpers in 3D Studio Max.
See the turntable to get an idea of how rigging works.

If purchased individually:    $1932
Collection price:             $669
You save:                     $1263!!!

- High quality polygonal model, correctly scaled for an accurate representation of the original object.
- Models resolutions are optimized for polygon efficiency. (In 3ds Max, the Meshsmooth function can be used to increase mesh resolution if necessary.)
- All colors can be easily modified.
- Model is fully textured with all materials applied.
- All textures and materials are included and mapped in every format.
- 3ds Max models are grouped for easy selection, and objects are logically named for ease of scene management.
- No part-name confusion when importing several models into a scene.
- No cleaning up necessaryjust drop your models into the scene and start rendering.
- No special plugin needed to open scene.
- Model does not include any backgrounds or scenes used in preview images.

File Formats:
- 3ds Max 2014 V - Ray and standard materials scenes

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