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Escena de baño fotorrealista 02 modelo 3d

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Sep 29, 2017
CheckMate Lite Certificado
3ds Max 2010 V-Ray 3.60.01

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identificación de producto:1206548
Geometría:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde May 2011
Actualmente vende 125 productos
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Detailed, photorealistic bathroom interior made with real world Italian design furniture and tiles.

All cameras, lights and render settings are set up to achieve the quality you see in the preview images (there is no post processing other than a slight curves adjustment).

The scene is set up to Linear Work Flow (LWF) and uses V-Ray rendering engine and V-Ray materials.
Light setup includes V-RaySky (VraySun is also included, but turned off (in case you need it)).

Compatible with 3dsMax 2010 and above.

All included models are detailed, accurate and have high quality materials and textures. All logically named and grouped.

Modeled in real world scale (cm).

Polycount with subdivisions (as seen on the preview images):
Polys: 242,373
Verts: 246,144

The scene contains the following main models:

1. Bathtub - with water plane (uses subdivision) - includes full cover behind the tiles (can be used without the tiles in other projects)
2. Bathtub spout
3. Bathtub mixers and handheld shower
4. Decorative bottle (chrome)
5. Glass bottle with aromatic oil
6. Wall mounted heater + towel rail
7. Towel (uses subdivisions, fully unwrapped, no displacement used on renders)
8. Wood counter (+bottom lighting) with two sinks (sinks use subdivision modifier)
9. Mirror with back lighting
10. Wall mounted mixers and spouts
11. Soap Dispenser (wall mounted)
12. Tumbler holder (wall mounted)
13. Three decorative bamboo rods
14. Wood blocks mosaic wall
15. Door (with separate frame, hinges, handle and lock (linked))
16. Soap dispenser with paper roll holders and hooks (wall mounted)
17. Bidet with mixer and drain (uses subdivisions)
18. Toilet brush container with paper roll holder
19. Toilet paper roll (the hanging part is separate object and can be removed if needed (as long as you keep the aspect ratio of the included textures you can freely customize the pattern and it will flow seamlessly))
20. Toilet with flush button (uses subdivisions)
21. Shower cabin with sliding door
22. Shower head
23. Shower mixer
24. Lateral body jets
25. Wall mounted handheld shower
26. Linear water drain
27. Glass shelve (with fasteners)
28. Decorative art piece (uses subdivision modifier)
29. Handmade soap (two types (made with procedural maps and SSS shader (model is unwrapped if you want to use your textures)))
30. Decorative cinnamon sticks (5 different models)
31. Shampoo bottles (two types)
32. Deodorant
33. Deodorant stick
34. Creme box
35. Wall decoration panel with bamboo motives (uses black and white mask in VRayBlend material - white and chrome materials can be easily switched or changed)
36. Square ceiling lamps
37. Two windows - wall and ceiling
38. Tiles - 30x90cm, 90x90cm and mosaic 5x5cm - 3 different textures used with randomized mapping
39. Floor and ceiling tiles (wood pattern) - 20x120cm - 6 different textures used (+ corresponding black and white ones used for refl/gloss/bump)
40. Drain with grill under the sinks

Most of the models names include designer (gessi, catalano, pozzi ginory ...) and model name, so you can easily find and buy the real objects if you want.
You can find more info and links about them in the bottom of the notes.txt file included with this product.

Preview images you see above are included in the product as separate zip file.
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