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XfrogPlants Oceania 1 modelo 3d

por xfrog
Cinema 4D R10.5+  |  Advanced Render
Lightwave 2009+  |  Default Scanline
Maya 2009+  |  mental ray
Vue 9+
3ds Max 2012+  |  mental ray
3ds Max 2014+  |  V-Ray 3.2+
3ds Max 2014+  |  mental ray
Maya 2014+  |  mental ray
Maya 2014+  |  V-Ray 3.1+
Vue 2014+
SketchUp Thea
3ds Max ForestPack  |  V-Ray Mental Ray
3D Studio
MicroStation Drawing File
3D Modelo Presupuesto
1 Poligonos
1 Vértices
Polygonal Geometría
Mapeado UV
Unknown UV sin envolver
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XfrogPlants OCEANIA 1 is a set of models which includes 180 trees and plants of the Oceanic region including the Silver Wattle, Koa, White Kauri, Norfolk Island Pine, Birds Nest Fern, Paper Mulberry, Horsetail Casuarina, New Zealand Cabbage Tree, Black Treefern, Bread Palm, Tasmanian Treefern, Blue-Gum Eucalyptus, Kentia Palm, Kanuka, Ohia Lehua, Noni, Costal Screw Pine, New Zealand Flax, Totara and Hillebrand Palm. Download the PDF below to see each Species in high resolution detail and detailed descriptions. We hope you will enjoy XfrogPlants OCEANIA 1, some of our most detailed models and texture work ever created.

The library is Version 3, available in all popular 3d formats as well as XFR files which allow all Xfrog 3.5 owners to fully edit each and every model. It contains 20 Species with 9 age variations, (180 Unique Models). The set also include (180) 1600 x 1600 Billboards and (180) 1600 x 1600 Perspective Renders, each with alpha, for single polygon opacity mapping, or direct compositing. e.g. games, realtime, forests, flocks, flowerbeds, you decide, all models are high-res rendered for you. A print resolution PDF is enclosed, explaining the origins of each Plant and featuring High Resolution renders of each model.

1         Silver Wattle - Acacia dealbata
2         Koa - Acacia koa
3         White Kauri - Agathis moorei
4         Norfolk Island Pine - Araucaria heterophylla
5         Birds Nest Fern - Asplenium nidus
6         Paper Mulberry - Broussonetia papyrifera
7         Horsetail Casuarina - Casuarina equisetifolia
8         New Zealand Cabbage Tree - Cordyline australis
9         Black Treefern - Cyathea medullaris
10         Bread Palm - Cycas rumphii
11         Tasmanian Treefern - Eucalyptus globulus
12         Blue-Gum Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus
13         Kentia Palm - Howea forsteriana
14         Kanuka - Kunzea ericoides
15         Ohia Lehua - Metrosideros polymorpha
16         Noni - Morinda citrifolia
17         Coastal Screw Pine - Pandanus tectorius
18         New Zealand Flax - Phormium tenax
19         Totara - Podocarpus totara
20         Hillebrand Palm - Pritchardia hillebrandii
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