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Megaciudad-construcción-kit-colección modelo 3d

por 3DRT
Megacity construction kit.
3 premade real-time city levels
+ Free 7 High resolution City skyboxes! (6 1024x1024 textures)
Over 300 custom urban models in (.max .3ds .X) formats:
sckyscrapers, residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
Collection consists of 3 full levels, ready for use in games, renders and animations.
And custom models for constructing urban scenes:
59 residential buildings
43 skyscrapers
29 historical buildings
28 industrial structures
31 commercial buildings
7 healthcare structures
3 museums
3 gas stations
car parking lot
over 150 other misc objects : Highway junctions, road blocks, traffic lights, road signs, billboards, lamp posts.

Models use shared texture patterns:
8 1024x1024 .TGA textures for all buildings.
+7 1024x1024 .jpg Specular maps for advanced environment and specular mapping visual effects.

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