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Colección de la ciudad de Nueva York modelo 3d

Cinema 4D 9.521  |  Default Scanline
Lightwave 6  |  Default Scanline
3ds Max 7  |  Default Scanline
Maya 7  |  Maya Software
Other TIF / JPG
3D Studio 6
3D Modelo Presupuesto
220,464 Poligonos
313,160 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometría
Mapeado UV
overlapping UV sin envolver
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New York City Collection

This collection contains more than 100 unique and carefully designed high quality 3D models including buildings, well known landmarks, vehicles and other details. All models are fully UV textured (except the dummy buildings in the background on Manhattan Island) and have moderate polygon / vertex counts. The Collection has been designed with modern game engines in mind and can also be easily integrated in most common 3D simulation environments.


- More than 100 unique, textured models
- Most models based on real existing objects or buildings
- Complex building details (roof parts, fire escapes, gargoyles etc.)
- Low polygon vehicles (cars, rescue helicopter, ferry)
- Manhattan Island 3D model included (incl. road texturing)
- Streets and block shapes based upon real maps
- Liberty Island and statue of liberty model incl.
- Realistic car park, shipping pier
- Street elements (roundabout, highway)
- Traffic and street lights
- Road signs
- Trees
- Extra high resolution textures (5120*5120 px per map, lossless TIF quality)


- Seamlessly tileable water bump texture included (4096*4096 px, high quality JPG)
- Luminance texture map for night renders included

Important Texturing Notes:

The textures of all main models are compiled within three large, square image maps (color, specular/reflection and luminance). This allows you to scale down or manipulate all model textures very quickly in one pass instead of handling with hundreds of separate texture files.

Texture Downloading Notes:

To keep the file sizes of the main archives smaller, the textures for the New York City Collection are kept in a separate archive called 'NYCC.tex.zip' . Please also download this file and unpack the contents to the same directory as the 3d scene file(s).

Other Important Notes

The lighting environments used for the renderings above are NOT included. The Manhattan Island model is composed from approximately 90% untextured dummy (background) buildings. The island tip is randomly populated with the textured buildings and environmental objects from the main model collection. The composed Manhattan Island scene has around 457.000 polygons (588.400 Vertices).

The included luminance map for night renders is not activated by default. You have to attach it to the luminance / illumination channel (using UV mapping projection) inside your 3d applications material manager.

Please also note that you might encounter memory problems due to the large texture sizes on some systems (especially Maya on Windows based PC's can cause this kind of trouble). You can fix this by scaling down the included texture maps using a 2D graphics application.

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