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Gaviota Jhonatan Livingstone V2 para max9 + modelo 3d

3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
3D Modelo Presupuesto
308 Poligonos
156 Vértices
Subdivision Geometría
Mapeado UV
overlapping UV sin envolver
identificación de producto: 483451
2110 Productos
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Note: Please do not buy This 3D model! Its Old and kipped only for support past customers.
Please check new version by ID: 1664033
Change page URL to this - /FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/1664033
New version have better, reworked Rig, cleaner Model topology, good UV and fully repainted 4K texture.

Jhonatan Livingstone V2 its a parametrically animated 3d model of seagull.
Old version of this model was created for 3dsmax5 and updated little bit in 3dsmax7.
You can find in my models by click on my nickname above or by product ID: 255720
Now V2 its principle new Rig.
Changes to distinguish this version from the previous one:
1) bird watching themselves on the sides. (No more LookAt target)
2) you can easy clone seagull without Rig crush.
3) you can change wings flap phase to make unique bird.
4) also you can change speed of flaps. (Note: you Can animate speed but, to make it unnoticeable, animate Flaps amplitude off, change(animate) speed then back flaps )
5) you can change Randomization of all Noise things like wing vibration, body floating and head turning by only one slider.
You can download Rig and Animation Overview downhere to view all this updates in work.
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