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F-14D Super Tomcat (Rigged) modelo 3d

Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Usos editoriales permitidos
Usos extendidos pueden necesitar espacios libres
La propiedad intelectual representada en este modelo , incluyendo el marca "grumman", no está afiliada ni respaldada por los titulares de derechos originales. Se permiten los usos editoriales de este producto, pero otros usos (como en juegos de computadora) pueden requerir la autorización legal de terceros propietarios de propiedad intelectual. Obtenga más información .
Formatos incluidos
Blender 2.77

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:1065806
Geometría:Polygonal Ngons used
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde July 2011
Actualmente vende 19 productos
Valoración del producto
3 Calificaciones enviadas
Mar 21, 2018
I still cannot believe there exists a model of any kind this detailed.
Absolutely breath taking.
Thank you, 7/5.
Oct 5, 2018
An absolutely outstanding model.
Importing it into Blender 2.79b worked flawlessly.
I cannot recommend the work by this author highly enough. I''m looking forward to other modern military aviation assets Chris Kuhn produces, as I''ll certainly license them.

Aviso Legal: La propiedad intelectual representada en este modelo, incluyendo el marca "grumman", no está afiliada ni respaldada por los titulares de derechos originales.

*** Please Read Before Purchasing ***
This is a detailed, high-resolution model of the F-14D Tomcat.

As you can see from the product details on the right, this is a huge model. The radar, gun, landing gear bays, cockpit, etc are highly detailed. Most of these areas will not be visible when the aircraft is 'flying', of course, so you can remove these objects from your scene to improve rendering efficiency.

The following items are rigged:

- Wing sweep
- Control Surfaces (flaps/slats/spoilers)
- Air Brakes
- Hydraulic pistons/actuators
- Nose cone (Radome)
- Intake ramps (3 per side)
- Horizontal/Vertical Stabilizers
- Landing gear (deploy/retract)
- Steering (nose gear)
- Suspension (all landing gear)
- Exhaust nozzles ('Turkey Feathers')
- Ladder (Extend/Retract)
- Refueling probe (Extend/Retract)
- Tailhook

The following textures are included in .png format. All textures are packed within the Blender file.

- Main_Body_Color_Map (6000x6000)
- Main_Body_Spec_Map (6000x6000)
- Accessory_Textures (2048x2048)
- CP_Labels (4096x4096)
- Fuselage_Decals (4096x4096)
- Missile_Textures (1024x512)
- Panel_Screws_Map (6000x6000)
- Tileable_Paint_Color (3000x3000)
- Tileable_Paint_Spec (3000x3000)

IMPORTANT: I am only selling this model in Blender (.blend) format. It would be *very* difficult to xport/convert this model. If you intend to do so, please read the following notes carefully:

1.) You may be able to export the materials slots. The materials themselves, however, will have to be recreated.

2.) The rigging utilizes Blender's Motion Constraint system. As far as I know, this cannot be exported to any other 3D software. That means the rigging will have to be completely re-done.

3.) Blender allows the use of multiple UV maps. This enables certain parts of the texture (like the tiny lettering on decals) to have a higher resolution than the base textures beneath them. This is a great feature, but not every program supports multiple UV maps. Even if yours does, the maps themselves may not transfer correctly.

4.) On occasion, exporting Blender models causes surface Normals to 'flip'. Manual correction may be required.

5.) This model uses N-Gons where permissible (hard/flat surfaces). Some programs do not support this.

Even with the above issues, you may feel it's worth the time and effort to convert the model. I just wanted to prevent unpleasant surprises.


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