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Ciudad C1 modelo 3d

3D Modelo Presupuesto
14,637,333 Poligonos
14,637,333 Vértices
Polygonal Geometría
Mapeado UV
overlapping UV sin envolver
identificación de producto: 1472689
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This is full 3d city model modeled based on americans cities. This is real world scale model. Whole scene setuped and fully ready to render. All materials setuped in Vray. Light setuped by HDRI and Dome light.

How to use:

For static renders

Any art images
Architecture presentation
Exterior Visualization
Can be used as detailed backgrounds.
And much more
For animation

You can shoot panoramas
Use as drones video
Shoot spans across the streets
Zoom in / zoom out videos
And much more
The model consist of:

More than 1000 High Quality Texturers
More than 500 Setuped Materials
More than 180 Streets and Roofs Assets
More than 200 Unique buildings
Technical things:

Name: City_C1 Version: 2014 Units: Meters Dimension: 2365.24 x 2530.86 x 1119.75 Polys: 14 637 333 Model Parts: 12448 Render: V-Ray Formats: 3Ds Max 2014, FBX

A few things about inner organization

All objects are organized in layers.
All objects has unique names (no box1,box2,box3, inside.)
The names of the objects coincide with the names of their materials
3d models are low poly, no random heavy models.
Scene completley ready to render, just open and go.
Fully dynamic light. Dome light inside + HDRI map.
All materials are Vray materials
All cars, bushes and trees scattered by Multiscatter plugin. (If you dont have this plugin you will not have scattered cars, trees and bushes)
All scattered models located in separate place in scene, you can see it on the last preview image.
Textures usually more than 4k, allow to render average plans and sometimes close up plans.
The model works completely correctly only in the 3d max program.

Numbers of polygons without plants and cars:

22 373 064 POLYGONS

19 208 098 VERTS


The video in preview is not exactly this city, but is absolutely same detailed as this model.

All previews was created by Vray render
Previews were color corrected to demonstrate the result you can get.
All renders was created exactly from scene which you can buy.
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