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Ciclista de carreras modelo 3d

por dmk76
Licencia modelo 3D: Estándar    Licencia de actualización
May 21, 2012
CheckMate Pro Certificado
3ds Max 9  |  Default Scanline
Otros archivos
3D Modelo Presupuesto
21,641 Poligonos
23,279 Vértices
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometría
Mapeado UV
Mixed UV sin envolver
identificación de producto: 672122
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If you plan to use the model outside of 3ds max and you do not need rigging, check this version: Product ID: 677794

High quality detailed model of bicycle rider very editable and flexible in terms of sphere of application, polygon count and outfit design. And still very much ready for animation as it comes. Many years of CG and cycling are meeting in this model.

First of all, skin pose (initial pose of the model) is chosen to serve best for cycling animation and fit any bike. Rigged using biped (+one additional bone for lower jaw, optional) and ‘skin’ modifier. Two twists for upper arm, forearm, thigh and calf. Some poses for biped are included. ‘Morpher’ is used for facial animation and lip sync (all morph targets are present in the scene). Even tongue is skinned on spline.

Polygon count is 21641 and can be further reduced without losing details down to 15000 and more by deleting non-visible polygons of torso under jersey, hand palms under gloves, hair (separate object with opacity map) under helmet, teeth and tongue and pockets on the jersey (that will still remain painted). Or otherwise model can be subdivided (as seen on the previews) to be suitable for close-up visualization.

The model has clean mesh that consists mostly of quads, only 66 tris (0,3%) and no N-gons.
Model is symmetrical. Units – cm. Rider height is appr. 180 cm. Bicycle model is not included.
I had to specify ‘mixed’ type of UVs only because of ‘shell’ modifier used in following objects: ‘outfit’ and ‘helmet straps’. Underneath ‘shell’ modifier UVs are non-overlapping, non-inverted and symmetrical.

To add detail Zbrush4 application was used (.ztl models are included). And so the model has normal maps on (plus I included maps without flipped green channel to use outside 3ds max ). Displacement maps are also available though not used to render the previews. Scene comes with standard scanline render setup, one skylight source and three target spots. No post works on the images, only some text. No third party plug-ins or renders are used.

Body texture maps sizes – 6144x6144
Head – 4096x6096
Outfit – 8192x8192 (source diffuse.psd with layers is included)
Helmet – 4096x4096 (source diffuse.psd with layers is included)

Every texture map has half size version to optimize RAM usage.

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