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Airbus A321 modelo 3d

3ds Max 9
3D Studio
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3d model of Airbus A321

-Clean, simple, smooth detailed 3d model
-Well organize scene and easy to use models and textures
-Objects UV's have already been Unwrap for creating easier textures .
-Measurements are nearly accurate

-Objects are separated by:
   1.Fuselage (body and tail fins)
   2.Wings (Detailed model including wing Flaps geometry/mesh)
   3.Two different types of Engines ( with engine turbines. see previews )
   4.Front landing gears
   5.Rear landing gears
   6.Front & Rear landing Gear doors

-Great for medium to far range renderings, for stills or animation
-Good for close-up renders

-Fuselage and wing textures are at high resolution 4000x4000
Engine textures are at res 3000x3000

-Textures for each objects includes=
Diffuse 'clean' and 'Dirty' colors
Specular / Reflection
UVW unwrap palette
Window mask
Metalic Mask

Textures needs to be downloaded separately from the Accompanying Product File panel below. Sorry but the hi res texture file size was to large to be added in each model zip file.
After you have purchased the product, then you would be able to download the Texture Zip file

*previews were rendered using skylight and an omni light.

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