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KV-1 Mod. 1942, torreta simplificada modelo 3d

por Wasper
Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Formatos incluidos
3ds Max 2008 Default Scanline
3ds Max 2008 V-Ray 1.5
Textures (.tga)

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Soviet heavy KV-1 tank, Model 1942 with the simplified, up-armored turret (with Wreck, LODs and two Skins). The tank was used on the Eastern Front during World War II.

Comes with a high detailed 4096x4096 texture for the hull, a 2048x2048 texture for the turret, a 2048x2048 texture for the wheels and a 512x512 texture for the tracks, including normal- opacity- and specular-maps. All textures can be scaled down to half of their size for game engines. Comes with Summer and Winter textures.
With detailed underbody.

The tracks use a tileable UVW (vertically) so that they can be animated with a UVW animation.

Built in metric scale with 0.1m per Max Unit. Model consists of 42 parts with each of them named and linked correctly and their pivot set to the correct position. The parent mesh is the hull. XForm has been reset for all meshes (so no wrong dimensions, flipped polygons, etc). The wreck is only one mesh.

Note: The model uses a Multi/Sub-Object Material with default materials as Sub-Materials. If you don't use the Max file, make sure to assign the textures correctly:
Mesh ID1 = Hull textures
Mesh ID2 = Turret textures
Mesh ID3 = Wheel textures
Mesh ID4 = Track textures

Polycount (triangles) | Vertex Count:
LOD0 = 23744 | 16182
LOD1 = 13262 | 7967
LOD2 = 7307 | 4701

Polycount Wreck (triangles) | Vertex Count:
LOD0 = 23702 | 16167
LOD1 = 11500 | 9077
LOD2 = 6792 | 5375

Texture package contains (textures are saved as .tga):

> kv1_hull_c.tga > Diffuse Map Hull (Summer)
> kv1_hull_winter_c.tga > Diffuse Map Hull (Winter)
> kv1_hull_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Hull Wreck (summer)
> kv1_hull_winter_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Hull Wreck (Winter)
> kv1_hull_a.tga > Opacity Map Hull
> kv1_hull_a_VRAY.tga > Opacity Map Hull (only needed when using Vray renderscene)
> kv1_hull_n.tga > Normal Map Hull
> kv1_hull_s.tga > Specular Map Hull
> kv1_tracks_c.tga > Diffuse Map Tracks
> kv1_tracks_a.tga > Opacity Map Tracks
> kv1_tracks_n.tga > Normal Map Tracks
> kv1_tracks_s.tga > Specular Map Tracks
> kv1_turret_c.tga > Diffuse Map Turret (Summer)
> kv1_turret_winter_c.tga > Diffuse Map Turret (Winter)
> kv1_turret_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Turret Wreck (Summer)
> kv1_turret_winter_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Turret Wreck (Winter)
> kv1_turret_n.tga > Normal Map Turret
> kv1_turret_s.tga > Specular Map Turret
> kv1_wheels_c.tga > Diffuse Map Wheels (Summer)
> kv1_wheels_a.tga > Opacity Map Wheels
> kv1_wheels_n.tga > Normal Map Wheels
> kv1_wheels_s.tga > Specular Map Wheels
> kv1_wheels_winter_c.tga > Diffuse Map Wheels (Winter)
> kv1_wheels_winter_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Wheels Wreck (Winter)
> kv1_wheels_wreck_c.tga > Diffuse Map Wheels Wreck (Summer)

Max file created with 3ds Max 2008, .3ds file also available.

Note: Render-scene setup is also included (as seen on thumbnails 1-11, must be downloaded separately) but requires Vray to render properly.
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