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Gran tiburón blanco modelo 3d

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Lightwave 9
3D Studio
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21,992 Poligonos
21,298 Vértices
Subdivision Geometría
Mapeado UV
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This is a high-res subdivision surface model that is fully UV textured. The Lightwave version is rigged.
Points = 21298
Polys at sub-D level 0 = 21992
Polys at sub-D level 3 = 98314

I set up this shark model to be able to be put into the different 'modes' that a great white has in real life. When a great white is swimming normally he almost has a 'cute' look to him. But, when he is in attack mode he rotates his head up and opens his bottom jaw wide. His head changes shape. Behind his eyes, there is a lump that forms. When he bites down his upper teeth are thrust downward almost independent of his head. I tried to capture that with the modeling and rigging and allow the animator the ability to animate this action.
   Here are some of the features:

Lightwave version:
-Fully rigged
-Morph map to open gills
-Morph maps to change head shape for a realistic looking great white shark
-Eyes can roll back using eye bones
-Independent Tail Rig (gobo) that makes animating the shark swimming really easy. Just rotate a null (Labeled ROT) to make the tail move in a sin-wave pattern. Move another null (Labeled MOV) on its X-Axis to offset the tail to one side or the other for when the shark makes a turn. Speed up the rotation of the ROT null and the sharks tail speeds up. Move the offset null (the one labeled MOV) on the Z axis and the tail will move with less rotation. This is good when the shark is swimming fast. You really just have to try it, It's really easy to figure out.
-All fins are movable with bones. Just grab the end bone and rotate it, the fins bend with the use of the 'follower' plug-in
-Upper jaw can be rotated down with a bone
-Upper lip can be animated with a morph map
-4096 pixel textures for the body color and body bump maps
-Sliders are set up to animate 4 of the morph maps

2 Lightwave Scenes included
-The one labeled 'Poses' has some poses that use the various morph maps and rigging to show the different positions that the shark can get into.
-The one labeled 'Swim' has a fully animated shark swimming in a 'u' shaped path using the tail rig. You can look at this scene to get an idea how to use the tail rig. The screen capture shows of the shark in Lightwave Layout shows the tail rig at the bottom of the image.

Additional formats are included but not rigged:
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