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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:501033
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Unknown
TurboSquid Miembro desde August 2005
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Highly detailed model of Commerzbank Tower, Europe's tallest building back in 1997 and worlds first 'ecological' skyscraper. Rich details make it look good both from far distance, as well as in close up renderings.

This model features many little details to add realism. It has sky gardens with simple plant models, a double skin layer - two separate layers of glass, outer skin and smaller inner framed windows, detailed roof areas with its mast and antennas, or such little things as aircraft warning lights.

To increase realism and given that the buildings huge glass fascade is semi transparent, the interior has also been modeled - very simple where its little seen, and more detailed around larger glass openings such as nine garden areas, atrium and lobby seen through the glass from outside. Its quite subtle, but gives the building a little more depth, and along with randomly opened windows and randomly pulled down sun shades, makes it less artificial and more believable.

Scene is well organized and easy to manipulate, objects with proper names are joined together or grouped into larger units this is more so in max version, but other still have everything named properly and should be fine too. So parts of the scene can be easly hidden for polygon reduction of unseen areas or inner detail. Also, colors are easy to change, different glass parts of the building are separate objects and include different materials to give bigger control over the scene. So, for example making the garden glass more transparent or inner windows more reflective is very easy.

Few textures are included, but since this building is mostly steel and glass and most details are modeled, not much is needed;
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