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Zombie # 1 Rigged Character Package modelo 3d

Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:561361
Mapeado UV:Yes
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TurboSquid Miembro desde September 2010
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Professional Realistic 3D Model with 4 levels of detail made using EvolverPro's website.

The eyelashes are part of the texture, so no need for transparency mapping support.

All resolutions are on the same skeleton and the blend shapes are connected in the maya files, so it's easy to switch from one to the other for realtime animation then render... But if you need only one resolution just delete the others.

If you use the fbx, you will need to connect specular and normal mapping manually, the same is true for the teeth blend shapes ('morpher').

If you render in maya you will need to reduce bump depth to about 0.02, normal mapping is set for realtime display.

The 66 bones follow the naming convention of Maya and Motion Builder to add Full Body IK

The 65 facial blend shapes ('morpher') with their teeth counterpart plus 12 blend shapes control for the tongue give a nice range of phonemes and expressions

High Res:
                  main body : 20896 Polygons, 20951 Vertices
                  teeth and tongue : 7885 Polygons, 7942 Vertices
Mid Res:
                   main body : 5614 Polygons, 5629 Vertices
                   teeth and tongue : 1916 Polygons, 1899 Vertices
Low Res:
                  main body : 2622 Polygons, 2602 Vertices
                  teeth and tongue : 1213 Polygons, 1108 Vertices
Crowd Res:
                  main body : 1314 Polygons, 1257 Vertices
                  teeth and tongue : 476 Polygons, 429 Vertices

Materials & high-res textures are included. Color Map, Normal Map, Specular Map (Nice optimised 2048x2048 pixel resolution)

The models are animation-ready and render-ready.

Those models are great base mesh for any character artists to use or modify
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