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campo de estrellas 3D modelo 3d

Cinema 4D 15.057  |  Advanced Render 15.057
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2,436,870 Poligonos
9,747,480 Vértices
Polygonal Quads only Geometría
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This is 3D scene of star field created by CINEMA 4D and MoGraph. If you need only 2D texture in JPEG format, please refer to another page.

Note, To use all functions of this scene file, you need CINEMA 4D R12 - 15 of Broadcast or Studio grade.

There are totally 2,436,870 stars, which are placed and colorized by 'Hipparcos' and 'Tycho2' star catalog.

The stars were all generated as MoGraph clone object, but 2 millions are too much, so I baked almost clones to simple polygons.

13938 stars still alive as MoGraph clone. They are brighter than magnitude 7.0, and refer to Hipparcos data. The clone is a copy of square polygon with HDR texture, so you can change the texture, color, size or direction one by one with MoGraph effectors.

Other 2422932 stars are baked, because they are darker than magnitude 7.0. They refer to Tycho2 data. They are still square polygons, but not textured, so you can not change color or size of each stars. You can change color of all stars at once.

There are 2 MoGraph effectors to generate star clones. One is 'Hipparcos (Tycho2)' COFFEE effector which read text file and place (and colorize) clones. Another is target effector to face the clone to camera.

---OBJ format

If you want to use this 3D scene in different softwares (or older CINEMA 4Ds, or lower grades like Visualize), please try to use OBJ file.

This obj file includes completely same geometry as original CINEMA 4D file with UV coodinates. You can even texture the bright starts, and fly through them.

---HDR textures

If you need only 2D stars, please try to use HDR textures which are generated from this scene. Resolutions of the texture is 24,000*12,000pixel, so it may be enough for almost purpose.

Also, there are 2 type of textures like 'Equi-rectangurar' for spherical mapping, and 'Cube' for cubical mapping. And sample objects 'star_sphere' and 'star_cube' are included.

Abut 'ER (equi-rectangular)'
Here top end of the texture means north pole (Polaris), and both sides means vernal equinox.
Also you can chose 3 brightness (or size of stars).

---Source text data

There are 2 type of text data is attached.
1. is necessary to drive this scene file, but 2. is not, because it was already baked.
If you can, please use them also.

1. 'hipparcos_under7_13938.txt'
This is 'position' and 'color' data of under magnitude 7.0, converted from Hipparcos.

data format.

sample (first line)
0.057468 -22.9775 -0.07127 89.3 52.1 32.1

2. 20 text files in 'Tycho_over7_2422932' folder
This is 'position' data of over magnitude 7.0, converted from Tycho2.

data format.

sample (first line)
-10.8584 10.46527 268.3084

---Known issue

1. There are no 'Sun', 'Moon' 'Comets', 'Mars' or 'artificial satellite' like moving objects.

2. There are no 'Neburas', 'Dark Nebula' or 'milky way' like non star objects (means not listed in the star catalogs).

So please add them if you need.

3. About distance to the stars, currently there is no way to measure it in reasonable accuracy. So I assumed that 'all stars have same brightness (absolute magnitude)', and placed them by their apparent magnitude. It is not true, and actual fly through movie should be different from my movie. However no one can get it. Do not mind.
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