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Paquete de equipo de ciencia modelo 3d

Maya MB  |  mental ray
3D Modelo Presupuesto
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Amazingtextures brings to you a selection of Science Equipment to be used for a variety of scenarios. The Equipment is a complete classroom science lab ranging from Stools, Sinks, Lab Desks all the way up to a Dryer Oven!!!

Want to save time and that poly count, why make something that you could make look the same or even better with just the click of a button and one of our AMAZING Models!!

From Stools to Ovens from bang to boom we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!

Pack Contents
- 1 Folder Containing All!! Textures and materials
- 13 Preview Size Images in JPG format
- 1 Folder Containing all Preview Imagery
- 1 High Res Model Folder Containing:-

       - 1 Grouped Model Selection (Colour Pass)
       - 1 Scene containing all 13 Pieces of Equipment (Colour Pass)
       - 1 Scene containing all 13 Pieces of Equipment (Occlusion Pass)

Just place them in the scene and press render everything else is set up for you!!!

A Great Product at an AMAZING!! Price


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