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Rama de árbol, Rigged, Tipo 2 modelo 3d

Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
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Blender 2.79 Blender Render
3ds Max 2017 Default Scanline

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:1397942
Geometría:Polygonal Quads only
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde March 2017
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A rigged tree branch model, which can be posed, animated, exposed to physics engine etc. thanks to a 11 bones skeleton. This model is designed for using with efficient collision detection, so the branch segments are intentionally made straight slightly beyond realism to correspond exactly to the bones.


See Textures supporting item. Unzip the archive and copy the 'tex' folder to the directory of the main file.

The branch consists of two separate skinned meshes for wood and foliage respectively. The wooden part is equipped with a material using following textures:

drevo_cortex_d.tga - diffuse atlas, 2048x2048, RGB
drevo_cortex_n.tga - normal atlas, 2048x2048, RGB

Since the textures are actually atlas, increasing UV origin's U by 0.25 step and V by 0.5 step uncovers different types of bark. The unwrap for these textures is done by non-overlapping patches beyond [0;1] range in the second UV channel. The first UV channel includes overall non-overlapping geometry within [0;1] range, but is not used here, just reserved for lightmaps, etc.

The foliage mesh is equipped with 7 texture sets for different types of foliage.

Textures only:

- maple leaves (leistus_cleinus_*)
- basswood leaves (leistus_leipa_*)
- oak leaves (leistus_percus_*)
- bare small branches (vietvis_galva_*)

Materials included:

- maple small branches (vietvis_cleinus_*)
- basswood small branches (vietvis_leipa_*)
- oak small branches (vietvis_percus_*)

Each set of textures consists of 3 files:

*_d.png - diffuse map, 2048x2048 RGBA
*_n.png - normals map, 2048x2048 RGB
*_t.png - special purpose assembly, 1024x1024 RGB:

- R: specular
- G: fragments highlighting, e.g. for leaf fall masking
- B: translucency amount


.fbx file includes an animation also presented in a timetable, generally useless in purposes other than demonstration.
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