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mosca doméstica modelo 3d

Softimage 6  |  mental ray
3D Modelo Presupuesto
1 Poligonos
1 Vértices
Subdivision Geometría
Mapeado UV
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This is a photo realistic model of a housefly for XSI 6 and up.( 405813 - ID of 3Ds MAX version of this model) Fully rigged and textured. Materials are setup and ready for rendering with Mental Ray. Texture maps for diffuse, specular, bump are also included in 2048*2048 resolution. Model is anatomically correct and has a lot of details like short hair or particles on a surfase - perfect for closeups and ultra high photo realistic shots. Please watch downloadable preview files to see more.

Model is skinned and fully rigged for realistic animation. Rig has intuitive and animator friendly controls.

Original file with model is about 60mb - thats why it is packed into *.RAR archive - approx 22mb. Textures are TGA files. Extract RAR file to your projects' SCENES directory and put textures into PICTURES directory.

Please note:
This model uses XSI hair system by default but also have a geometry hair - so it can be used with version of XSI without hair module. Geometry hair group is hidden by default.

There are two files with model: musca_domestica_out_01.rar and musca_domestica_out_02.rar.
Musca_domestica_out_01.rar uses SSS shader (split sss v2) and lens shader for DOF (BA shader collection). Preview files were rendered using this scene. If you whant to render with SSS and DOF - please download and install free shaders mentioned above.

Musca_domestica_out_02.rar does not use any third party shaders or anything like that - it is absolutely ready to work with XSI out of the box - so please use this file if you don't want to bother with shaders. Final look of the model will have minimum of noticeable differences in this case.

I cant post links to this shaders here so please contact me via support ticket so I can answer all questions.

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