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B2A & F22A StealthSet Multi modelo 3d

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La propiedad intelectual que se muestra en este modelo , incluyendo el marcas "lockheed martin" y "northrop grumman", no está afiliada ni respaldada por los titulares de derechos originales y debe utilizarse bajo restricciones de uso editorial .
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Aviso Legal: La propiedad intelectual representada en este modelo, incluyendo el marcas "lockheed martin" y "northrop grumman", no está afiliada ni respaldada por los titulares de derechos originales.

Detailed USAF Stealth aircraft collection. Includes F22A Raptor Air Dominance Fighter and B2A Spirit Stealth Bomber. Terrain available seperately.

To date, stealth aircraft have been used in several low- and moderate-intensity conflicts, including Operation Desert Storm, Operation Allied Force and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In each case they were employed to strike high-value targets which were either out of range of conventional aircraft in the theater or which were too heavily defended for conventional aircraft to strike without a high risk of loss.

The F-22 is claimed by many sources to be the world’s most effective air-superiority fighter; however, government secrecy makes comparisons with other aircraft difficult. Among its advantages are its sustained high speed and altitude capabilities, thrust vectoring, sensors, stealth features, advanced avionics, and ability to receive data from other U.S. systems.

The B-2 Spirit, made by Northrop Grumman, is a multi-role stealth aircraft able to drop conventional and nuclear weapons. The bomber was a milestone in the bomber modernization program of the United States. The B-2 is the most expensive plane ever built: estimates for the costs per plane range from 1.157 billion to 2.2 billion US dollars. Its stealth technology is intended to help the craft penetrate defenses previously impenetrable by combat aircraft.

Textures are available in a seperate zip download ***************************************************************


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