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max royal chester modelo 3d

por andy_k
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Originally built by me using Cinema4D and exported to MAX format   due to popular demand. This is probably the most accurately detailed 3D model of a steam engine you will find.

It's built from the original Hughes drawings and is meticulously detailed.

Every single component in the 30 A1 sized drawings is included even down to the chain links in the steering mechanism.

The pin striped paintwork is included as separate objects so re-texturing in a colour scheme of your choice is a breeze.

for the animators, every gear in the drive train is reproduced to scale so it will mesh perfectly when rotated

This model is supplied without textures but the image maps used in the original are included as are the original colour swatches along with several reference renders for you

This is a complex model and it's accuracy and emphasis on detail is reflected in the price which is discounted when compared to the Cinema4D model due to the lack of textures. A reasonably powered computer/graphics card combination is recommended to work with a model of this size

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