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Anatomía de quemadura de piel 3D realista modelo 3d

Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Licencia Libre de Derechos
- Todos los usos extendidos
Formatos incluidos
Maya 2011 mental ray
3ds Max 2016 Default Scanline

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:1164416
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UV sin envolver:Mixed
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Realistic 3D Skin Burn Anatomy

This model includes detailed and anatomically correct Human Burn Skin Cross Section. It includes 3 burn levels: 1st degree burn, 2nd degree burn and 3th degree burn. The crossections include: Artery, Vein, Capillaries, Sweat gland, Hair, Nerves, Ruffini's endings, Adipose Tissue, Arrector Pili Muscle, Meissner's corpuscle, Pacinian Corpuscle, Stratum Corneum, Stratum Spinosum, Stratum Basale, Dermis, Hypodermis.

Most of the elements can be used as separate for close-up shots or as part of the entire cross section.   

The model is based on real images and anatomy books. The entire geometry is very clean. It is all polygonal geometry with most quads. Everything is grouped and named correctly for easy selection and manipulation. It has enough poly definition for close-up shots and it can be easily smoothed further.

The textures are 512x512; 900x900; 1024x1024; 2048x2048; 4096x4096. Most of them are tillable.

The lighting and render is done in maya 2011 using mental ray. All other formats include the geometry, default shaders and textures applied, except for obj which only includes geometry. Textures can be downloaded separately as well. Maya setup uses Sub Surface Scattering to get the flashy look. The render is rock solid and it takes about 8 minutes per frame on i7-6700 CPU machine (for the preview 1200x1200 image) which makes it usable for Animations. No Global Illumination or Final Gathering used. The renders from the preview are not edited in any way in post, so what you see is what you get.
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