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Kit de ferrocarril altamente detallado modelo 3d

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A set of 38 railway fixed and movable parts to build yourself a realistic railway.
Please scroll down to download a free sample with half size jpeg texture and reflection maps.

The 3d files:
- simple rails.max = 9 railway parts: straight and curved to 10, 15, 20 and 30 degrees
- switch rails.max = 7 rail switches (4 opening and 4 closing, with 30 degrees opening between rails)
- cross rails.max = 8 crossed rails
- segments.max = 14 shorter straight rails. Useful when you need to add a shorter segment to fit.

Texture map files a set of 1024x1024 and 2048x2048 DIFFUSE, BUMP and REFLECTION maps.
- diff-maps.zip, refl-maps.zip, bump-maps.zip - unzip the 'textures' folder in the same folder as the max files.
- In the Material Editor you should find a Rail material. It is linked to all the parts. If you wish to discard the bump or reflection maps simply edit that material.

The rails were double checked for good alignment. The curved rails were made from scratch without using bend-like modifiers (that would have distorted the sleepers).

Every railway part is grouped, every group contains the rail and a set of helper points for quick alignment.
When you add a new part simply align it (pivot to pivot) to the desired helper then rotate it until it fits. I suggest you toggle angle snapping on, or use transform type-in.

The rail switches have a FFD modifier for switching. To use it just OPEN the group (do not UNGROUP) and toggle it on/off. The default is off with the movable part to the left.

Measurement: use 1 unit = 1cm.
The sleepers are placed at 80 units one by another. A straight rail is 1200 units between pivot and end point. The railway gauge is 143.5 (the common real model used is 143,5cm).

Warning: the pivot point for every rail is placed correctly at one end. Due to what I suspect it is a 3dsmax8 issue sometimes when you open a document and select a group the pivot point moves to its center. If this happens just go to Hierarcy panel and check 'Affect pivot point'. Just select rotate or move and the pivot point goes back to its correct place. Do nothing else, just go back to the Modifier panel. All the object pivots should now correctly align.
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