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Perro galgo VFX Zbrush Sculpt modelo 3d

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
19,961,000 Poligonos
19,961,000 Vértices
Polygonal Geometría
identificación de producto: 1450126
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Greyhound Dog VFX Zbrush Sculpt is a high quality model made with observance of the anatomy and proportions of the real object.
With attentive attitude to all small trifles.
File Formats:
- ZTL(Zbrush 4R7)
- OBJ (Multi Format) decimate with decimation master
2 variants
2- 10%

model consists of 7 subtools.
body comes with 6 Sdiv.
19 961 000 polys

Alpha Models is my personal research project in the field of animal shape and plastics.Often times on commercial projects are very limited and this does not allow a thorough approach to the study of a particular animal.

The model is made by the classical sculptural method. The modeling method is based on the principles and techniques of the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts named after Repin.It is not based on a superficial sketching of the form, but a deep study of nature in motion and at rest an analysis of its volume-structural block and linear structure. A special place is given to plastic anatomy. All this knowledge is needed to convey the most characteristic features characteristic of a particular nature and to convey subtle contrasts and nuances on it.
Best regards,
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