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Gran tiburón blanco animado modelo 3d

Licencia modelo 3D: Estándar    Licencia de actualización
Aug 17, 2020
CheckMate Pro Certificado
Maya 2018  |  Arnold
3D Modelo Presupuesto
35,004 Poligonos
35,922 Vértices
Polygonal Quads only Geometría
Mapeado UV
Mixed UV sin envolver
identificación de producto: 1606961
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Animated 3D model of Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias), created in Maya 2018.
Real-world scale.
Units: cm.
Model is scalable (use Main_Control's scale to rescale rig, displace value need to be adjusted manually after rescale).
Clean topology with quad polygons only.
All objects properly named.

Faces: 35004
Vertices: 35922

Rig description:
Model rigged with Triduzas UniRigz system (6th Generation rig) and ready for animation.
UniRigz can easily bake animations, which can be exported to .FBX (read tips during baking)

UniRigz can do 2 types of baking:
-free joints - will bake all joints separated from hierarchy, this way is faster, but not recommended if you need to export animations to game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity.
-keep hierarchy - will keep skeletal hierarchy, but baking is slower. Works perfect with game engines, but may have issues with Cinema4d.

To activate UniRigz panel, select green W in viewport.
You can save and load poses of model, mirror and flip controllers, easily switch between IK and FK and use dynamics for some parts of model to achieve more realistic behavior.
Please watch attached video with rig preview.
Rig readme file included.

GreatWhiteShark_A_Swim1.mb - 61 frames of looped animation, can be extended to infinity
GreatWhiteShark_A_Swim2.mb - frames 1-39 - initializing dynamics and not rendering, frames 40-300 - animation of swimming shark, model connected to motion path curve, which can be edited
GreatWhiteShark_A_AttackSeal.mb - frames 1-39 - initializing dynamics and not rendering, frames 40-230 - shark attacking seal (Seal is simple dummy 3d model)
GreatWhiteShark_A_EatWhale.mb - frames 1-39 - initializing dynamics and not rendering, frames 40-280 - shark eating whale corpse (Whale corpse is simple dummy 3d model)

All animations using dynamics! To set dynamics initial state for looped animations you need to play animation once to the end and then Reset dynamics on UniRigz panel or Set initial state for all dynamics in Fields/Solvers menu.

GreatWhiteShark_Rig.mb - main product file.
GreatWhiteShark_Rig_NoDynamics.mb - same as main file, but without dynamics, works faster in viewport.
Also you can turn off dynamics in main file in UniRigz panel, but because skeleton still have connections to dynamic joints it will slow down playback, recommended to animate with NoDynamics file, but use it as referenced and when finished animations, switch to main file and tune dynamics.
GreatWhiteShark_Poster.mb - product image, rendered at frame 6 with motion blur, using GreatWhiteShark_Rig.mb as reference.
GreatWhiteShark_Poses.mb using GreatWhiteShark_Rig.mb as reference.
button1.png, button2.png, button3.png, button4.png, button5,.png button6.png, bg.png - images used by UniRigz.
GreatWhiteShark_OBJ.obj - Model exported to .obj format (without rig).
GreatWhiteShark_FBX.fbx - Model exported to .fbx with skeleton attached (without rig controls, membrane joints attached to closest parent).

Textures (PBR):
GreatWhiteShark_Basecolor.png (8192x8192)
GreatWhiteShark_Roughness.png (8192x8192)
GreatWhiteShark_Displace.png (8192x8192)
GreatWhiteShark_Normal.png (8192x8192)
zPoolSt.exr (4096x2048) environment map
vector-displacement_sea.exr - used for water surface displacement (free download from Arnold renderer docs website)

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