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Android masculino completamente aparejado modelo 3d

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- Todos los usos extendidos
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3ds Max 2014 V-Ray 2.0
FBX 2014

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3D Modelo Presupuesto
identificación de producto:902712
Geometría:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Mapeado UV:Yes
UV sin envolver:Mixed
TurboSquid Miembro desde June 2001
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Rigged model of a Male Android


Max file is set to inches. the Android measures roughly 71 inches tall (average male height)


Most of this model uses subdivisions in the form of 1 instanced turbosmooth modifier. Note the subdivisions ares set for render only to speed up work in the view port. If you wish to view the model subdivided in the view port you can simply add the desired subdivisions in the turbosmooth modifier.

Textures & Maps:

-All but one tiled texture for the model are at 4096X4096.
-Included a light probe .hdr image at 1024x512 which is used in the Vray dome light
-Included an environment reflection map at 15000x7500 of the same environment as the light probe.

Material Options:

-Multiple finishes for body panels.

If you open the Slate materials editor you will see I have organized a number of blend and multi-sub materials which will allow you to easily swap out the default red paint job with other colors, bare metal, or a combination of the two using the edge wear masks positioned below the corresponding multi-sub named for that body part.


-Vray 2.0 plugin used with all Vray materials
-The file should render the same as you see in the thumbnail images.


-Rig uses CAT
-There are two poses setup in CAT. One is a T-pose, the other is a casual stance.
-There is additional custom rigging for control of the android's eyes, this includes controls for the focus ring of each eye and lens position.
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