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Human Brain Ultimate 3D-Modell

durch MotionCow
3D-Modelllizenz: Standard    Upgrade-Lizenz
Maya 2018  |  Arnold
3ds Max 8  |  Default Scanline
Softimage 5.11  |  mental ray
Lightwave 8.5  |  Default Scanline
Cinema 4D R18  |  Physical
Blender 2.81  |  EEVEE Renderer
FBX 2006.11
3D Modell Spezifikationen
105,352 Polygone
105,373 Scheitelpunkte
Subdivision Geometrie
non-overlapping Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 624395
153 Produkte
Seit 2005
An artistically beautiful, detailed and accurate depiction of the very complex human brain. Perfect for medical or educational videos and documentaries as the cerebrum above can be removed to reveal the internal components in true 3 dimension.

1. Realistic, detailed and medically accurate. Most brain models to not depict the organic form of the cerebrum and cerebellum correctly.

2. The outer Cerebrum extends to the inner halves to end at the Corpus Callosum.

3. The 2 halves of the Cerebrum do not look symmetrical when placed together, resembling an actual brain.

4. Internal details of the brain modeled as actual 3D components and fitted together nicely in an easy to understand manner. Most brain models either use a texture image or provide a overly simplified depiction.

5. Also included, a separate Cerebrum that is further divided and color coded into the 4 lobes: Frontal, Parietal, Temporal, Occipital.

6. All components correctly named in the scene and components organized in layers.

7. A transparent human model is included free to give a sense of the brain's location.

8. Optimized and clean model topology that can be further subdivided for high detailed rendering.*

Depicted Organs:

External Brain:
Cerebellum, Cerebrum, Corpus Callosum, Frontal lobe, Temporal lobe, Parietal lobe, Occipital lobe.

Internal Brain:
Spinal Cord, Pons, Midbrain, Thalamus, Optic Chiasm, Hippocampus, Amygdala, Basil, Ventricle, Olfactory bulb, Fornix, Hypothalamus, Pituitary gland, Pineal gland, Mammillary body, Limbic system.


*The original model is smoothened using TurboSmooth in Max, PolySmoothFace in Maya, Subpatch in XSI / Lightwave and Subdivision in C4D and Blender, which renders exactly like the preview images, and yet preserving the original low mesh density like the wireframe preview.

The user only need to crank up the subdivision to get a high poly and detail mesh for rendering, OR crank down the subdivision for a low poly mesh while animating.

No special plugins needed.
Just load and animate!

All formats are tested in their respective 3D applications, re-worked if necessary to ensure compatibility.

MotionCow is the publisher of high quality photorealistic 3D Models and we proudly stand behind all our products.
Pls do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with our models.

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