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Woman virtuella 2.0 unriggered basemesh 3D-Modell

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Royalty Free Lizenz
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Mitgelieferte Formate
Cinema 4D 11
Maya 7
3ds Max 9
ZBrush 3.1
3ds Max 9 posed
ZBrush 4r7
3D Studio

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Produkt ID:453219
Unverpackte UVs:Unknown
TurboSquid Mitglied seit September 2003
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Virtuella 2.0 is a virtual female ready to be rigged and rendered in your favorite 3D application.

The model comes in various formats including 3DS Max 9.
IMPORTANT! This is NOT the rigged version of the model (rigged model has product ID 436361).

Textures in high resolutions are included (see accompanying product files).

Complete material and displacement map setup is included in the Cinema 4D version.

OBJ version comes with 2 different files. One showing the high-resolution, displaced end result and one with just the base-meshes. To get the final result you need to apply subdivision and the accompanying center weighted displacement map to the model.

The Maya version does NOT inlclude any rigging or displacement map setup.

The model consists of one body mesh, mouth mesh with teeth, gums and tongue, hair mesh, separate fingernails, eyes, eyelashes (mesh) and eyebrows (alpha mapped).

The model is completely textured using several high resolution textures:

- Body textures consist of a diffuse map 4096x4096, specular map 4096x4096, normal map (bump) 4096x4096, and a 16 bit displacement map created with Zbrush (also 4096x4096).
- Gums and teeth textures consist of a diffuse map 2048x2048 and a bump map 2048x2048.
- Hair textures consist of a diffuse map with alpha 1024x1024, normal map 1024x1024 and a 16 bit displacement map 1024x1024.
- Eyes texture consist of a diffuse texture 1024x1024.
- Eyebrows (alpha mapped mesh that lays above the forehead) 1024x512

The polygon counts are:
- Body basemesh (without subdivision and displace) 14694 triangles and 7349 vertices

- Hair 1490 triangles

- Teeth, gums and tongue mesh: 2846.

- Fingernails 680 triangles

- Eyebrows 104 triangles

- Eyelashes 13 656 triangles

Posed and collapsed version in 3ds Max 9 format is included as a bonus!
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