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sky box texture

Royalty Free Lizenz - Alle erweiterten Verwendungen
512 Breite
512 Höhe
32 bit Farbtiefe
Produkt ID 244841
4 Produkte
Seit 2004
Perfect skybox ready textures for your game!

Included are 5 SEAMLESS textures to map a skybox with. The bottom texture is not included since it would be a waste of valuable resources (the bottom should not be seen).

The images are 512 x 512.

The Images are named as follows:

sb_f.png = sky box front image
sb_b.png = sky box back image
sb_l.png = sky box left image
sb_r.png = sky box right image
sb_t.png = sky box top image

1. Images marked Example are for demonstration purposes only.
2. Watermarks are not on the purchased images.

Enjoy your sky!

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