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Die NASA-Libelle 3D-Modell

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Das in diesem Modell abgebildete geistige Eigentum , einschließlich der Marke "nasa", steht in keinem Zusammenhang mit den Inhabern der ursprünglichen Rechte und muss unter den Einschränkungen der redaktionellen Nutzung .
Mitgelieferte Formate
StemCell zertifiziert
3ds Max 2020 Arnold 3.2.53
Cinema 4D R18 Advanced Render
Cinema 4D R18 Arnold
Unity 5.4
Unreal 4.10
3ds Max 2018 Arnold
3ds Max 2015 mental ray
3ds Max 2015 V-Ray 3.2
Maya 2017 Arnold
Maya 2015 mental ray
Maya 2015 V-Ray 3.2
FBX Metallic v
FBX Specular v
glTF 2.0
Propellers with precise pivot points in FBX format

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3D Modell Spezifikationen
Produkt ID:1442550
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit February 2010
Derzeit verkauft 116 Produkte

Impressum: Das in diesem Modell abgebildete geistige Eigentum , einschließlich der Marke "nasa", ist nicht mit den Inhabern der ursprünglichen Rechte verbunden oder von diesen befürwortet.

Dragonfly is a planned spacecraft and mission that will send a mobile robotic rotorcraft lander to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn, in order to study prebiotic chemistry and extraterrestrial habitability at various locations where it will perform vertical-takeoffs and landings (VTOL).

This model is detailed enough for CG renders and at the same time built with efficiency in mind so you could use it in game engines like Unreal or Unity. Clean geometry of this mesh responds well to decimation should you need to create LODs.

Built to real-world scale.
Dimension: ~343 cm x ~328 cm x ~269 cm.
Organized with consistent naming, groups, object colors and layers.

Clean topology & UVW unwraps.
Mesh is already smooth and ready to use as is.
For efficiency's sake, support loops are not added for every part, especially smaller pieces. As a result, mesh is not intended for further subdivision.

Movable parts have correctly positioned pivot points. A test animation is shown in above 3D viewer.
Because of StemCell workflow, Pivot point orinations of propellers had to be reset to zero. Because object is angled in space, it has to be rotated on its correct local axis for precise spinning ( without wobble ). For a flawless animation, an FBX file is attached with intact pivot points; 'Pivot Points.ZIP'
Feel free to merge it into your scene. You can either replace the object and assign Drone materials to them or use them as a source to realign your pivot points. Please note this is only necessary if you like to animate or rig the propellers.

1 PBR Texture Set is used for this model.
PBR Metallic as well as PBR Spec/Gloss maps are included.
Packed with 4k - PNG texture maps.

Included map types:
* Ambient Occlusion
* Base Color
* Diffuse
* Glossiness
* Metallic
* Normal ( DirectX)
* Roughness
* Specular
Plus StemCell_Studio HDRI map

Background images used for first few cover renders are Not included.

If any questions, please start a live chat with Turbosquid friendly support team. Any issue that can't immediately be resolved, will be redirected to me and I'll get back to you shortly.
As a bonus, If you like to adjust the textures or export 8k maps, Substance Painter source file is available to you upon request. Please inform support and I'll get it uploaded ASAP.
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