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Mittelalterliches Low-Poly House 3D-Modellpaket UE4 3D-Modell

durch IMaydream
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3ds Max 2014 Default Scanline
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3D Modell Spezifikationen
Produkt ID:1038525
Geometrie:Polygonal Tris only
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit January 2014
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UPDATE: Added the archive with the Unreal Engine 4 scene wirth all the materials, lods, collisions, lightmap UVs correctly setup for easy use.
Simply copy the folder 'Medieval village set' from the archive into a content folder of your Unreal project.

The first set of AAA-quality low polygonal medieval houses.

Consists of 3 optimized buildings well suited for use in current generation engines like Unreal Engine, Unity, Cryengine.

A lot of love and care was put in every aspect of this product.

All the houses come with second channel Lightmap UVs for static lighting and 2 LODs. Last LODs are using only one pre-baked texture to decrease the number of draw calls.

Highly detailed textures allow for first-person closeups with ease . Most of the textures are tileable and can bee easily reused for creating new content.

The pack contains 40 High-res textures:

Logs 2048x2048 (Diffuse, Normals, Glossiness, AO, Heightmap)
Planks - 3 variations. 2048x2048 (Diffuse, Normals, Glossiness)
Trim atlas 2048x2048 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals)
Wood ends atlas 1024x1024 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals)
Door 1024x2048 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals, AO)
Window 1024x2048 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals)
Rope 1024x1024 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals)
Thatched roof 1024x2048 (Diffuse, Glossiness, Normals)

Hope you enjoy this. Stay tuned, more houses are coming!
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