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V8-Motor arbeitet animiert 3D-Modell

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Royalty Free Lizenz
- Alle erweiterten Verwendungen
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Maya mental ray
Maya 2015 mental ray
OBJ 6.5
FBX 2015.1

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Produkt ID:1023945
Unverpackte UVs:No
TurboSquid Mitglied seit March 2005
Derzeit verkauft 78 Produkte
V8 Engine model is a high quality model. The model is professionally created, rigged, shaded, animated and ready to be used in any project.
Comes with detailed Mental Ray shaders for high resolution renders. Suitable for any project and detailed enough for close-up renders.
All pistons, valves and other moving parts of the engine are controlled by RED main gear which is indicated with SPEED text.
Just rotate this RED gear clockwise or counter clockwise (Rotate Z) then all the parts will move. Speed is related to rotating value of RED gear.
You can revs up and down the engine. You can rotate, move and scale the model. Just dont touch a few nurbs line in the outliner,
just use Engine_V8 group to move, rotate or scale.

If you are not happy rotation of chains, it can be modified by a few expressions. Please use Windows->Animate->Expression Editor, then choose
select filter by expression name, there are 4 expressions which control chain rotation. GearBigLeftExpression, GearBigRightExpression,
GearSmallLeftExpression, GearSmallRightExpression. There is a line which is
$acceleration = Speed_Not_Renderable.rotateZ;}
If you multiply or divide Speed_Not_Renderable.rotateZ you can speed up and down the rotation of chains.
Speed_Not_Renderable.rotateZ/5; or Speed_Not_Renderable.rotateZ*5;

To achieve more realistic look, use an Image Based Lighting (HDRI) with mental ray. I will not include my HDRI image because of copyright issues.
You can get find a suitable HDRI from internet, there are tons of free HDRI images. Mental ray settings are fine tuned for the model.

For backward compatibility Maya Asci ,Obj and Fbx files are included too.


The model consists of:
- V8 Engine Model
- All colors can be easily modified.
- Unique part names prevent confusion.
- No additional work, just use the model for your project.
- No additional plugin used.


Models Details:
Polygons: 528592
Vertices:   613920


File formats:
- Maya 2015 mb and ma files
- OBJ (Multi Format)
- * Only Maya files includes mechanics animation.


I hope you like.

Please visit my portfolio by clicking on my user name.

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