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CVN76 Flugzeugträger Cutaway 3D-Modell

durch ptstudio
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Lightwave 11.6.3  |  Default Scanline 11.6.3
Lightwave 11.6.3  |  Default Scanline
FBX 2011
images common to 3 file formats
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3,720,000 Polygone
3,650,000 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometrie
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Seit 2003
The USS Reagan 3D model complete with internal decks and cutaway was produced for the Virginia Air and Space Center and Popular Mechanics Magazine. It is a highly detailed model of the exterior and interior of a Nimitz class aircraft carrier from deck plans. The ship itself, was undergoing its 'Tiger Cruise' and the images created were printed in Popular Mechanics and a 21 foot long version is on display at The Virginia Air and Space Center. A version was also printed in Maxim Magazine. The model here, is the model used to produce that cutaway work.

This package contains both cutaway and non cutaway versions of CVN76, USS Ronald Reagan, aircraft carrier so you can mix and match skinned hulls and the decks you need. It is also in 3 formats; LWO, OBJ and FBX. The images folder contains all the necessary images for the 3 formats. A new aircraft complement and deck equipment update have been added. The aircraft update includes gear down and flying configurations of the F35C, F18F and F18E. A total of 6 aircraft models (in LWO, OBJ and FBX formats). The deck equipment update includes 4 different tow carts, a huffer cart, forklift, deck crane, bomb carts, aircraft ladder and wing ordinance missiles (see additional thumbnails).

* Each format has a complete 'skinned' model similar to other aircraft carriers you'll find here at Turbosquid and identical to my original model post - Product ID 240552 .
One of the first, high resolution models of the Aircraft Carrier, CVN-76, originally created in 2004.

** Additionally, you get the cutaway version in 3 file formats and in a variety of layered breakdowns. You can load models that are broken down into multiple layers for animation, or you can load a single model with all layers combined.

*** The models come with a 'Ready' and 'stowed' F18C, as well as flight and deck versions of the F18E, F18F and F35C. The updated deck equipment comes in addition to the original deck equipment versions and contains LWO, OBJ and fbx versions of four (4) different tow carts, sparrow and sidewinder missiles, 2 bomb carts, a forklift, a deck crane, a huffer cart, and an aircraft ladder.

The deck structure is continuous throughout the ship (see previews) and is correct from Nimitz Class plans. The areas visible in the original cutaway are populated with models consistent with that compartment's use. The reactor rooms and engine area are, of course Top Secret and the models supplied there, are based on a similar generic, Westinghouse design. It's a 'best guess' in those areas.


- High resolution models of the carrier externals, and internal deck structures - everything you see.

- A stowed and ready version of the F18, for populating the deck and hangar are included. A complement of F18E, F18F and F35C (flying and gear down) have been addd as well as a more complete set of deck equipment shown in the thumbnails close to the end.

- The fit-out in the areas shown in the previews of the cutaway are also included.

The models consist of about 40 layers of models representing various decks and important areas as well as parts that may be useful on their own layer. In the OBJ model, these are 'parts.'

All 3 models are full size and will load in 'position' so you can cut and paste decks from one version directly into another. This allows you to add full internal tower decks to the existing external carrier model.
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