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Shanty Town Buildings 2 Stadtblöcke 3D-Modell

durch JHoagland
3D Modell Spezifikationen
10,676 Polygone
10,603 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
overlapping Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 997369
350 Produkte
Seit 2000
An L-shaped section of street buildings. What kind of town is this? Are there people here or has the town been abandoned? You decide!
Each building is a separate part and some have opening doors.
The overhead poles can be hidden or repositioned.

Also includes a second model, rotated 180 degrees, to form a street with buildings on all sides.

Product Features (Poser):
* One Poser figure (obj, cr2/ png), at 10,676 polygons.
* Includes the following parts which can be hidden, shown, or repositioned.
- 22 buildings.
- 2 opening and closing doors, with ERC dials on the Body.
- 1 stool.
- 2 sets of electrical poles/ overhead wires.
- 3 benches.
- 1 umbrella stand.

* One set of texture maps, at 4096x4096 pixels with corresponding normal/ bump maps.

This product is designed for use in Poser 5 and above. It has not been tested for use in DAZ Studio; although DAZ Studio may import the files, we do not use DAZ Studio and can't support any issues that may occur.

Product Features (obj):
- Approx 10,676 polygons.
- Made entirely with 3 and 4 point polygons.
- Includes group information, which your software should interpret as separate parts for: the buildings and fence sections.
-- 22 buildings.
-- 2 doors.
-- 1 stool, which can be hidden, shown, or repositioned.
-- 2 sets of electrical poles/ overhead wires.
-- 3 benches.
-- 1 umbrella stand.
- The model is UV mapped.
- Textures and corresponding normal/ bump maps (in jpg format) are included, at 4096x4096 pixels.
- The 3ds and obj versions are not rigged.

This model is fully licensed for use in games and apps.
Also works great as background scene-filler.

Original model by Arteria3D and uploaded for sale here with full permission.
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