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Der Stachelrochen von Aldo 3D-Modell

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The Stingray Textures_1
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parts and controller guide
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The Stingray Textures_2b
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The Stingray Textures_3
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The Stingray Textures_4
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Produkt ID:395657
Unverpackte UVs:Unknown
TurboSquid Mitglied seit October 2005
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The Stingray is one of the legendary space fighter. Original idea and unique spacecraft design. Done in Maya 8.5. Textured and Jointed. You can animate tail and wings of it, also a few thing like weapons and cockpit doors too. Full exterior and interior design. And many other things.

-High definition, extreme detail Sci-Fi Spaceship (bolts, wire, etc included)
-Very accurate modeling, textured, and jointed
-This model is ready to animate
-Detailed cockpit design included
-Six exhaust part, two unique machine that allow The Stingray move frisky than other spaceship fighter
-Fuel and main system is near tail, and two machine for wings.
-Two canister with full of toxin that can enough to destroy a whole big city
-Full armor and no glass for cockpit,all is monitored and looked with screen in cockpit (very protected against enemy attack)
-Tail and wings can be easily animated
-Main door and emergency doors can opened
-Source texture included
-Stingray weapons can be easily animated

-OBJ file included
-Texture source included, all maps should be in one folder, just copy and paste all parts in one folder like 'sourceimages' or something like that on maya project.
-If you don't want to use my lighting, you can hide it (on layer group 'lighting')
*use controller called 'mainLocator' to animate all the body
*use controller called 'controller' to animate parts of it, like doors, weapon, tail and wings.
**please check two images (parts and controller guide to know it's parts position), ignore the text said 'fuel system (can replaced)'


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