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Schatztruhe 04 Silber auf Dunkelholz 3D-Modell

durch beyond3D
Royalty Free Lizenz
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Royalty Free Lizenz
- Alle erweiterten Verwendungen
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Jan 26, 2015
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
Maya 2013 Maya Hardware 2.0
FBX 2013
OBJ 2013

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3D Modell Spezifikationen
Produkt ID:868862
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Mixed
TurboSquid Mitglied seit July 2011
Derzeit verkauft 65 Produkte
Hello and thanks for visiting my product page!

This highly detailed, silver studded darkwood chest was created by a highly skilled craftsman of a strangely smallgrown mountainfolk. It will protect its precious contents from even the utmost fierce attacks and makes up for a rare and fashionable piece of furniture in addition.

Designed to store rare loot!

It is also a very lowpoly, yet good looking multipurpose asset, to be either used as ingame prop, or for rendering scenarios.

Originally modeled in Maya 2013 it has only1984 polygons and is therefore very performance friendly.
It's beautiful texture makes it also suitable for closeup shots.
The renderings are done with the Maya viewport 2.0 to give a better preview of the actual ingame result.
It comes with a preview floor and a HDR reflection image, ready to be rendered.

Check out the other styles too!


-Native file: Maya 2013
-Available as: FBX, OBJ, .mb,.ma

-2048 x 2048 texture maps: Diffuse/Color, Normal, Specular in .tga file format. HDR Refelction Image

-Efficient, partitially overlapping UV layout.

-Standard Maya Phong material.

-Usable, without any special plugins.

-Centered pivot.

-Game ready!

-Please note: This model is not intended for subdivision.

-Tilable floortexture and previewmesh included.

-HDR Reflection Image included.

-Render-ready scene included.

Thanks a lot for viewing and enjoy the product!

Please give me some feedback and rating, if you purchase this item.
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