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Meerwasser-Solardestillationsanlage 3D-Modell

3D Modell Spezifikationen
100,000 Polygone
100,000 Scheitelpunkte
Unknown Geometrie
Unknown Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 727791
88 Produkte
Seit 2013
3D model of the seawater solar destillation plant. The seawater solar distillation plant is fitted with a cold and hot space (the first for the condensation stage, the latter for the evaporation stage). The pipe carrying the seawater first goes trough the cold space to allow cooling the space with the seawater and heating of the seawater. The seawater then arrives at the hot space and is evaporated by means of concentrated sunlight. 2 heaters are also present in this space to assist the heating of the space if needed. A fog net is present in the condensation space along with a grooved roof. The seawater is pumped up by means of a pump. See the 'Purchasing_the_models' link at appropedia's AT_CAD_Team for additional information on the model
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