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May 8, 2012
CheckMate Pro Zertifiziert
3ds Max 2011 mental ray
ZBrush 4r2
3ds Max 2010 mental ray
3ds Max 2011 mental ray

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3D Modell Spezifikationen
Produkt ID:669560
Geometrie:Polygonal Quads/Tris
Unverpackte UVs:Yes, non-overlapping
TurboSquid Mitglied seit December 2010
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Cvilar LTDA
Mar 26, 2013
Mar 26, 2017
Rigged high detail female character.

Originally created with 3ds Max 2011 using the Mentalray renderer,file
contains a Flatfoot and High Heel version for both 3dsMax 2010 and 2011.


This model is suitable for use in advertising, design visualisation,
forensic presentation, film, game cut scenes, etc.


- Two hair types, blonde tied back, and dark long using HairandFur
- Three different iris textures, blue and green/brown,brown.
- Two bikini colors, dark blue, white.
- Underwear set.
- Dress with two colour choices plus seperate shoulder straps, frills.
- Two stiletto shoe choices.
- Rigged with skin and biped plus extra bones for better deformation.
- Realistic SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) skin shaders.
- Blended Facial morph controls,with volume controls for mouth and eye areas.
- Eye controls with individual Left / Right control option
plus fleshy eye movement and pupil dilation.
- WSM hair and Fur modifiers for eyelashes, eyebrows and hair.
_ Works well with MoCap data (minimal cleanup).


- This model contains 58 seperate objects(Geometry),65 Morph Targets.
- Total (not including Morph Targets),Polys 31724
                                                            Verts 33373

- Body             Polys 7532    Objects: 1
                        Verts 7565

- Eyes (x2)       Polys 6144    Objects: 10
                         Verts 6350

- Mouth            Polys 4238    Objects: 6
                        Verts 4591

- Dress            Polys 1444    Objects: 4
                        Verts 1749

- Underwear       Polys 1188    Objects: 2
                            Verts 1348

- Bikini          Polys 2320    Objects: 2
                      Verts 2416

- Stiletto (x2)    Polys 720      Objects: 2
                        Verts 742

- Strap   (x2)    Polys 2230    Objects: 10
Stiletto            Verts 2378

- Hair Clip       Polys 692      Objects: 1
                        Verts 692      

- Eye Corner (x2) Polys 72       Objects: 2
Wetness             Verts 98

- Hair&Fur base    Polys 4422    Objects: 8   (Nonrenderable geo)
                            Verts 4702

- Rig Objects(geo): 10: polycount minimal.

All counts are before turbosmooth modifiers.


- All preview images are rendered with Mentalray
- No compositing used, Product is ready to render as
previews, Lights and cameras included in file.


- All textures are in .tiff and .tga format.
- 4096x4096 for main body.
- 2048x2048 and lower for rest.
_ All body textures are hand painted.


- Model is built to real world scale.
- Units used: cm, model is 172.72cm tall (FlatFooted).
- Scene objects are organized by layers/Groups.
- No third-party renderer or plug-ins needed.
- All objects individually named and in appropriate layers.
- All mesh objects are editable poly with modifier stack intact.


- Other... render presets, .Fig files, hair guides,
all morph targets,Poses included in file.
- Ztool, body.
_3DsMax 2013 needs service update 2 to render correctly.
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