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Desai Bot Anim Rig 3D-Modell

Maya 2014  |  Maya Software Default
FBX 2014
Textures in Zip
3D Modell Spezifikationen
11,624 Polygone
11,244 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Geometrie
Mixed Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 1467357
101 Produkte
Seit 2009
A rig from a personal project. Created and Rigged in Maya 2014. A full range of animation controls are available for body and accessories.*_GameReady version contains:-Single joint chain skeleton-all bound meshes with max 4 skin influence-Easy export to FBX sold separately (search for kfAnimExport.mel)Please contact support if there are any issues.Model by Ted Edin
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