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Moderne Deckenleuchte 3D-Modell

durch TaraLee
Cinema 4D 11.5  |  Advanced Render 3
3D Modell Spezifikationen
172,509 Polygone
176,387 Scheitelpunkte
NURBS Geometrie
Produkt ID: 677493
13 Produkte
Seit 2011
Modern ceiling light model with basic metal and glass materials.

The zip file includes this info.txt and two .c4d files. One is the light model pretty much as I made it, with a cloner, so its a lot easier to alter anything if need be. The other I converted to polys.

I have also added a bit more detail where the posts go into the base on the cloner model only
to make it look a bit better on close up renders. I will try and add a render with these changes
soon. In the meantime, I added a screenshot and some hardware renders of the base.

Both were done in R11.5 so should open in this version or above.
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