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Sci-Fi Militär Mech 03 Kitbash 3D-Modell

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3ds Max 2018  |  Other
Maya 2018  |  Other
3D Studio
Includes PBR MetalRoughness, SpecGloss and UE4
3D Modell Spezifikationen
67,988 Polygone
64,556 Scheitelpunkte
Polygonal Quads/Tris Geometrie
non-overlapping Unverpackte UVs
Produkt ID: 1638070
110 Produkte
Seit 2013

Sci-Fi Military Mech 03 Kitbash

Note: There is a PROJECT VERSION of this asset complete with ZBRUSH project file. Click on the artists page to find out more.


-Polygons: 67,988

-Vertices: 64,556

-Triangles: 127,026

-2048 x 2048 TARGA Textures

File Formats Included:

-OBJ (. obj)

-DAE (. dae)

-3DS (. 3ds)

-FBX (. fbx)

-3dsmax 2016-2018 scene file (. max)

-Maya 2018 scene file (. ma,. mb)

-Targa(Texture files) (. tga)

The exported models already has assigned materials, just import them in your program of choice and plug in the necessary textures.

Texture files included:

PBR - SpecGlossTextures

-Diffuse (2048x2048)

-Emissive (2048x2048)

-Glossiness (2048x2048)

-Normal (2048x2048)

-Specular (2048x2048)

-Height (2048x2048)

PBR - MetallicRoughness Textures

-BaseColor (2048x2048)

-Emissive (2048x2048)

-Roughness (2048x2048)

-Normal (2048x2048)

-Metallic (2048x2048)

-Height (2048x2048)

Unreal Engine 4 - Packed Textures

-BaseColor (2048x2048)

-Emissive (2048x2048)

-OclussionRoughnessMetallic (2048x2048) (RGB Channel Packed)

-Normal (2048x2048)

All images are rendered in real time using Marmoset Toolbag 3and Unreal Engine 4

Thank you for checking this model out! Have a nice day!

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